My new business is now completely funded!!

May 12, 2015 | By Simon | Filed in: Small Business.

I have written a business plan, and re-written and re-written…well you get the idea. It’s evolving!
It’s for a business that I intend to start and it will help people of like mind connect and find eachother.
My intention is to find the perfect business partner/investor to fund it. One who sees the value of it and who has the resources that will help to launch it successfully. We have a mutual respect and have a great working relationship. One who trust me to take me on as a partner. One who believes like I do that this business will work and impact peoples lives in a very positive way. One who will take action immediately. This person is looking for me just as I am looking for him/her and when we meet we will know with crystal clarity that it is meant to be.

This business is effortless, is a huge success and really helps people, changes lives and makes a positive impact to this community.

Supporting Actions:

The actions I have taken are:

– Writing a business plan
– hired a consultant to help define the objectives and make the numbers make sense to investors
– posted it investors network
– sent numerous emails to potential investors, 4 have responded requesting my business plan. However, it is not finished yet!!!
So, another intention is that the business plan is complete, concise and attractive to the perfect investor.

Background Information:

I’ve had this calling deep in my soul to help people. I have worked in many different environments but they are not fulfilling. I’ve been on this spiritual path for 15 years and it’s time for me to take it to the next level. I had this idea come to me and I want so much to follow it through to completion. However, I need funding from investors or the lottery!!!

I am so grateful that I have a job that allows me to work from home and I’ve been able to work on this plan during breaks and lunches. But the job I have is not where I belong and I have a greater calling. My intention is when my business is funded I will quit my current job, thank them for giving me the opportunity and start on my new path.

3 comments on “My new business is now completely funded!!

  1. IndianaZephyr says:

    You already have your vision so clear, it’s great to see that. I might suggest that you try this excercise: write a letter thanking your future business partner for all they are going to do. Write it with the acknowledgement that you are writing it now, before they have taken on that role, not talking about the detailed stories but about the qualities that you know they will posess and the support you feel knowing that they are out there. I’ve found that writing letters to people I want to bring into my life can be extremely powerful, since it puts me in a frame of gratitude and I have to imagine the situation as already having come to fruition.

  2. enagler says:

    I am SO intrigued! I am no MBA or millionaire, but a simple Joe and have been reasearching investments. Yours is the first time I have ever seen a heart felt intent and joy behind knowing that what you are intending and have been blessed with as a vision IS going to become true and do some good!

    Therefore I KNOW like I KNOW that you are making this real! I even want to know what it is! Congratulations on your business and your success – YOU DESERVE IT!!!

  3. Bart says:

    No need for stress.

    You will finish your business plan when the time is right. It will not be too early or too late for the perfect partner to fund your business.

    (If you know any MBAs or Venture Capitalists you can trust to read your business plan and critique it [even if they don’t want to invest] I encourage you to do this. It will be worth having them proof it, before it goes out to others.)