How Do You Get Strep Throat?

December 17, 2015 | By Simon | Filed in: Health.

Strep throat is a disease or infection of the throat’s mucous membranes caused by bacteria. This bacteria produce inflammation in the throat as well as in the surrounding parts. Sometimes these bacteria along with throat affect the tonsils and a condition called as tonsillitis is established. Many people say that strep is a very common disease but do you know that: how do you get it?

Strep is very common among the school going children. But the question is that how do you get strep throat? The people who are exposed to: smoke, fatigue, crowded conditions and damp areas, are very prone to get strep infection. The chances of infants and mature adults to fall victim to this infection are very low. The spread of this infection is seasonal i.e. it spreads when the season is changing.

Another answer to question on what does strep throat look like is that this disease is contagious and spread easily from one another. Most of the school going children faces the infection known as strep throat. This is due to the fact that this infection is bacterial and spread very rapidly from one another. A child having strep when sneezes or coughs spread a lot of bacteria around him in the form of droplets and this is the major reason of getting strep throat by the children. Another way to get this infection is through food, but this occurs very rarely. Some times the person who handles or make food is infected through which food gets infected and the infection is passed on to one who eats that.

Children of age 5 to 15 very frequently suffer from strep throat infection. And similarly teenagers also suffer from this infection, very commonly because both age classes are school and college going and they work with each other in close vicinity and at crowded places.

So over all you can say the ability of the bacteria called streptococcus to transmit from one person to another easily is the basic cause of strep and is the overall answer to the question: how do you get strep throat? Mostly this infection is transmitted through sliva, sexual contact, cough, oral route, food, air droplets, blood,mother to fetus etc.

Another important way of getting strep are certain substances i.e. certain medications, which causes this infection. These medications don’t contain the bacteria but provides favorable conditions to the bacteria, on which they can grow easily. The examples of such medicines are: Pimecrolimus and elidel cream.

Remember that strep throat is not genetic disease it is a bacterial disease and is caused by an infecting agent so this is not passed on to generations.

So if someone in your vicinity is suffering from strep throat then you must take appropriate care to avoid the attack of this infection on yourself. Try to wash your hands whenever you eat something to be on the safe side. Isolate the utensils of the ill person from the normal use utensils of the whole family. Isolation of eatables is also preferred to prevent this infection.

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