Mysterious Back Pain

October 24, 2017 | By Simon | Filed in: Health.

When I lie on my back, there is a very uncomfortable pressure under my left scapula. It is so bad, that when I try to read late at night, it is impossible to lie flat. There is no pain, but a very noticeable bad pressure. I have to turn my body to a side-ways position. My family doctor has no idea as to the cause.

Right under your scapula (shoulder blade) is skin, muscles, and ribs overlying your left lung and any one of these could be the source of trouble. A lipoma (benign fatty tumor) is a fairly common cause, but you and your doctor would probably have noticed or felt an obvious soft lump by now. A growth on your ribs could cause discomfort and should be ruled out by an X-ray. A viral respiratory infection could leave you with pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the lung) that might cause pain in your back. Under the scapula is a trigger point or sensitive area that gets sore in some people (including myself) if they get overtired or lack sleep. I suspect that that may be the case with you, since your doctor has probably already checked out the other possibilities.

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