Tongkat Ali Supplements – Buying and Benefits

October 9, 2017 | By Simon | Filed in: Health.

Tongkat Ali supplement has properties which can increase metabolism; enhance blood circulation, increase testosterone levels, and energy levels in the body. It was in use even in traditional medications. Earlier it was mainly used for treating cough, bone pain, fever, malaria, dysentery and diarrhea. Even in tuberculosis, ulcers, jaundice, high blood pressure, syphilis and headache Tongkat Ali is effective.


The major reason behind benefits from this supplement is due to its ability to enhance testosterone levels in the body. This is found to be very effective for people suffering from high stress levels and men with low testosterone levels.

It is even effective in Alzheimer’s disease and can be used in the treatment of depression due to its testosterone boosting capacity. Bodybuilders can use this supplement to strengthen bones and heart. It can also help them to build muscle. It can be used to enhance the libido. It is even used in the treatment of infertility.

There are studies which are concentrating on the anti-cancer properties of this supplement. But results are yet to come. Quassinoids and alkaloids which are present in the shrub Eurycoma longifolia have been exhibited the properties of cancer growth inhibition. If proved this supplement will be very useful in the treatment of breast cancer and lung cancer.

This supplement is available in many forms like liquid tincture form, capsules and powder form. This can also be sourced from few brands of coffees which are available in Asian markets.


It is mainly in use in Southeast Asia for enhancing libido, to increase energy levels and in treating erectile dysfunction. In Malaysia the shrub Eurycoma longifolia is declared as a protected species. In traditional medicine it was used as an aphrodisiac.

One of the studies reported that this supplement can be very effective in treating male infertility and the study has found significant improvement in participants in their sperm quality.

Today this supplement is gaining popularity in bodybuilding and athletic world. It can increase ATP or adenosine triphosphate this is the reason behind its benefits like muscle mass and increased endurance.

Testosterone synthesis:

Both in men and women, the hormone testosterone plays many roles including sexual functions, biological functions and many psychological functions as well. Today testosterone deficiency has become common in new generation. This can lead to many issues like

  • One can experience muscular weakness and chronic fatigue
  • Muscle mass may decrease
  • There will be increased level of triglycerides or blood fats
  • Hair loss can be common issue found with low level of testosterone
  • Upon ejaculation very low volume of semen is observed in men with testosterone deficiency
  • Sexual dysfunction is the most common of all the effects. One may even experience low libido

Day by day demands for TRTs or testosterone replacement therapies are increasing. But there are studies which have reported serious side effects of TRTs. It can lead to even cardiovascular conditions which are life-threatening. So it is always better to rely on natural sources like Tongkat ali supplements to achieve adequate testosterone levels. These come with least side effects compared to TRTs.

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